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                                                                                                POLYDECK 100

                                                                   Technical Data

                                                                   Pedestrian Deck           40 Dry Mils (1016 Microns)
                                                                   Coating System

                                                                   Primer                    Polyprime  2180SC
                                                                                             Polyprime  EBF-LV
                                                                   Basecoat                  PC-220

                                                                   Topcoat                   Polyglaze  100
                                                                                             Polyglaze  AL-50


                                                                   Polyprime  2180SC or      2-gallon kit: One 1 gallon
              Concrete Substrate (properly prepared substrate)     Polyprime  EBF-LV         (3.78 liters) can of Side A
                                                                                             and One 1 gallon (3.78 liters)
                                                                                             can of Side-B
                                                                                             10-gallon kit: One 5 gallon
                                                                                             (18.9 liters) pail of Side A
                                                                                             and One 5 gallon (18.9 liters)
                                                                                             pail of Side B

                                                                   PC-220                    1 gallon (3.78 liters) pail or 5
                                                                                             gallon (18.9 liters) pails

                                                                   Polyglaze 100 or AL-50    1 gallon (3.78 liters) can or 5
                                                                                             gallon pails (18.9 liters)

                                                                 Polydeck  100 Pedestrian Traffic Deck System is a liquid applied,
                                                                 moisture cured, polyurethane waterproofing system for light
              Plywood Substrate (properly prepared substrate)    service. The system utilizes an epoxy primer, one coat of a low
                                                                 odor  aromatic polyurethane basecoat, one intermediate coat
                                                                 of a low odor aromatic polyurethane with aggregate, and one
             Features                 Typical Uses               aliphatic polyurethane topcoat. It is a specialized application
              •  Elastomeric            •  Balconies             of elastomeric waterproof coatings designed to expand and
              •  Recoatable             •  Patios                contract with normal structural movements.  Polycoat Products
              •  Seamless               •  Sun Decks             manufactures products in different VOC’s ranging from 100
              •  Waterproof             •  Walkways              to 340 gms/liter to comply with VOC requirement in various
                                                                 regions. Make sure to use the correct grade of product which
            Primers, base and topcoats have a shelf life of 1 year from date of manufacture   complies with VOC regulations/requirements applicable as
            in original, factory-sealed containers when stored indoors at a temperature   per federal, state, statutory, counties, cities and local bodies
            between 60-95˚F (15-35˚C).                           at the place of installation.

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