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Polycoat Products is a dynamic, fast-growing company. We are always looking to work along side Distributors, Independent Sales Representatives and Architects. See how Polycoat can work with you today.


As a manufacturing company, Polycoat Products, seeks an alliance with distributors from around the world and are looking to expand into areas where we are underrepresented. If you are a distributor or a large contractor looking to stock material please contact us so that we can help establish a network to effectively promote your company and Polycoat Products.

Independent Sales Representatives

Polycoat Products is always looking for talented and motivated individuals to represent us throughout the United States. We have a knowledgeable sales force that is experienced in organizing territories to set up a distribution network with architects, contractors, distributors, and representatives. If you have experience in the construction industry and are looking to be a manufacturer's representative please contact us.


Polycoat Products is a growing company that has expanded its presence across the United States and around the world. We know that architects are principle individuals in expanding our business and we are very eager to work with you in showing the versatility and superiority of our products. Our staff is waiting to help you.

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