Poly-fil® Brochure

Polycoat Poly-fil® is a two component system where all the air is removed from the tire cavity and it is replaced with a liquid polyurethane rubber. The liquid in the tire cures at room temperature to a soft, resilient rubber that allows the tire to maintain the flexing characteristics of a conventional air filled tire.

Tires with Poly-fil® will not deflate due to puncture or sidewall cuts. Poly-fil® allows equipment to operate at maximum efficiency as it reduces downtime due to flat tires. Poly-fil® also helps extend tire life as the tire will not be subject to changes in air pressure, so the tire is not under or over inflated, which can also improve fuel economy. Downtime and tire repair costs are reduced when using tires filled with Poly-fil®.


Poly-fil LP
Poly-fil 22
Poly-fil 30
Poly-fil HP


Poly-fil® cost-effectively fills flatproof tires preventing down time and uninterrupted service. Tires filled with Poly-fil® 30 & Poly-fil® LP solid rubber will not have any flats, blowouts, or underinflated tires. Poly-fil® is suited for all varieties of pneumatic tire construction and can operate successfully at speeds up to fifty-five miles per hour (55 MPH).


Poly-fil® can be used to fill vehicle tires used in: Airports, Military, Quarries, Steel Mills, Freight Docks, Docking Facilities, Amusement Parks, Recreational Vehicles, Factory Transportation, Factory Transportation, Garbage & Sanitation Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Mining & Earthmoving Equipment.