Two Component, Solvent Free Elastomeric Base Membrane


PC-280 is a two-component, rapid-setting, rapid-curing, solvent-free, flexible, high-performance, and high-solids polyurethane elastomeric coating that can be applied to suitably prepared interior or exterior concrete, plywood and metal surfaces.


  • Can Be Applied At Any Thickness

  • Excellent Low Temperature Flexibility

  • Good Chemical Resistance

  • Good Thermal Stability

  • Interior and Exterior Applications

  • Meets USDA Criteria

  • Non-Gassing

  • Recoatable

  • Seamless

Typical Uses

  • Crack Repairs

  • Expansion Joints

  • Exterior & Interior Pedestrian Traffic Surfaces such as Walkways, Patios and Stairways

  • Interior Surfaces such as Floors and Mechanical Room

  • Kennel Runs

  • Stalls, Wash Racks

  • Sundecks & Balconies

  • Vehicular Traffic Areas


Grey or Tan

Technical Data Sheet

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